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Donald A Chemini, AIA

Registered Architect, MA 9501 , NCARB Certified, member of the American Institute of Architects.
The Principal Architect of Rodenhiser Architects, LLC of Holliston, Massachusetts.

Don Chemini has over thirty years of experience in architecture, complemented by a deep understanding of structural and mechanical systems. Projects completed under his direction include commercial, corporate, educational, research, hospitality, and ecumenical design, along with hundreds of residential projects.

Don’s experience includes working for the Boston division of Kaselaan & D’Angelo Associates, Inc., as an Architect and Project Manager, and for Dion & Sokol Architects, Inc., as a Project Manager.

Don is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA. Specialized training includes the Institute for Environmental Education, Inc., and the Massachusetts DLI-Approved Asbestos Project Designer Training Course. Don also formerly held a certification for Asbestos Project Designer and Inspector throughout New England.


Rodenhiser Architects works to provide the residential architecture experience in New England. Our local architects use the power of technology to design and build your dream home. Through the power of CAD and Revit™ software, our home architects can create beautiful 3D floor plans to visually show you your home and highlight potential challenges before building begins, saving you money.


Over the years, Rodenhiser Architects has worked with business clients to design efficiently and cost-effectively and build commercial properties within the quoted time period. Rodenhiser Architects has a highly qualified team of specialized commercial architects who can complete any job for your budget. We provide a complete commercial architecture experience from initial plans to completion.


Rodenhiser Architects’ team of home addition contractors makes the whole process simple, quick, and cost-efficient. Adding a room to your home shouldn’t take over your entire life and add a mountain of stress. That’s why, from sunroom additions or bathroom additions to master suite additions, Rodenhiser Architects will make your new room add comfort to your entire home.


Rodenhiser Architects aims to push the boundaries of commercial and residential architecture. Copy and paste designs are a thing of the past, and each home or commercial property we build is custom-crafted. Our team of architects and contractors have decades of experience building properties and will work for you to make the entire process as simple as possible.

What sets Rodenhiser Architects apart from other local architects is our use of computer-aided design (CAD) and Revit™ software. Traditional architecture is 2D, but advancements in technology have allowed Rodenhiser Architects to develop 3D floor plans. This process allows you to complete a visual walk-through of your property before a single shovel hits the ground.