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Rodenhiser Architects Testimonials

When we decided to add an addition to our existing home, the entire process was new and unfamiliar. We started out talking with a few design and design/build teams. We were frustrated when these firms could not seem to give us clear guidance, designs or cost estimates to help us with decision choices. We continued to look for help.

To our surprise and great satisfaction, we found Don Chemini. Unlike the other companies we had contacted, Don was responsive, clear and assisted us through the process with a lot of give-and-take.

His careful design guidance, and handholding, led us to an outstanding project -- one we couldn't completely visualize until it was finished. Only then did we fully realize how his experience and patience provided the exact addition we needed.

We are very grateful that we came to rely on Don and thank him and his team for the outstanding work.

Mark H.

We have lived in Holliston for 30 years, and I have always been able to identify a home or addition that was designed by Don Chemini. It is always just a little more special!!. We had the pleasure of working with him on our screened in porch. He was very helpful in helping us decide how to most effectively use the space without duplicating the function of our large existing family room. We are so pleased with the way it turned out. As predicted, this is no ordinary porch. We love his special attention to detail and his added unique touches. We would highly recommend him!!!

P & K Young

A few years ago, my wife and I enlisted Don’s services in an effort to virtually double the living space of our modest ranch. This major renovation required the obvious addition of a second floor, coupled with a substantial reconfiguration of the pre-existing floor to make it all work. It came to fruition largely in part to Don’s vision, attention to detail and general availability. Importantly, any changes that came up were met with flexibility and suggestions for solutions. Impressive to witness was Don’s blending of art and science, especially in the use of space. The results were a happy marriage of the aesthetic and the utilitarian. Don’s presence, guidance and advice helped facilitate an overall smooth experience in what potentially can be a stressful one. The finished product seamlessly looks like it was always there! We would recommend Don without hesitation.

Steve and Nancy Malone

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Don Chemini on two extensive additions to our home, as well as on a remodel of a vacation home. Every time we joined forces with Don he has shared his creative talent, as well as his architectural expertise with us, making the finished product of each project more than we could ever have dreamt of it being. Don's attention to style and detail is second to none and his willingness to stay engaged with us during the building process was so helpful. He took time to collaborate with our building contractor as needed and we always knew we could turn to him if questions arose. We would recommend his services without hesitation to anyone looking to create a space that is as beautiful as it is practical in its design for living.

Megan & Ron H.

In todays’ world it’s difficult to find quality people to do a quality job. When it comes to design concepts and control construction you will find no one better than Don Chemini of Chemini Design. I met Don over 20 years ago by coincidence through one of my tenants. Since that time I have used Don exclusively for my projects.

His ability to develop a creative concept, take it to design and bring it to the final stages of construction is an ability that I could not find in other architects. In working with Don I have learned how open minded and creative he is in working different designs with unique situations.

When it comes to budgets Don understands the value of a dollar but is clear in expressing what type of budget you will need to complete a project. He’ll have options, if they are available, to keep you on target and on time.

Another advantage with Chemini Design is his ability to do both commercial as well as residential design. Again working with someone who is open minded and creative makes the project more enjoyable and less stressful. Don is the only architect I trust, respect and believe in that can do the job and do it the right way!

E. Berkowitz

Over the past 15 years, we have used Don’s architectural services for 3 different major home construction projects. We own an old historic home in downtown Holliston, so it was extremely important to us to match the existing look and feel of the 100-year old home to keep it looking “period correct”. In other words, we wanted the newly built portions of the house to match what was already there. Don was perfectly in tune to what we wanted and always delivered MUCH more than what we were hoping to achieve. His insights and expertise were invaluable to us during the planning and constructing of these various projects. In 2004, Don designed an attached 2-car garage with a large “great room” for the family above it. In 2012, he drew up plans for us to build a detached poolhouse/cabana structure (with an additional garage bay) that we wanted to shoehorn into the far corner of our property. Finally, in 2018 we had our original (but deteriorating) front porch demolished and then rebuilt from scratch. In each instance, we were thrilled with what Don designed for us. All 3 projects exceeded our expectations. Don’s attention to detail helped us “get it right” and we couldn’t be happier with his work.

Thank you!

Ted & Danielle Mottor Holliston, MA

We had a major project. A steep hilled driveway that we wanted gone and a natural looking expansion of our ranch. Don was efficient, responsive and did an amazing job. Best money we spent. I was very concerned that an addition was going to make the house look like a box or have an obvious addition. The house looks like it was always like this. We get compliments all the time about how beautiful the house is. The little design touches, including the roof over the front door and the oval window in our laundry room made a huge difference in the natural look of the house. Couldn’t be happier...


Don Chemini has done terrific work at two of our residences. Excellent listener who took great care to understand our needs and wants in major renovation projects. Had the vision to develop a complete reimagining of our Holliston home, and did so at a reasonable price. Don also made a very positive impact at our second home with a beautiful design in a modest-sized space. We recommend Don highly to clients seeking fresh thinking in their home designs.


January 6, 2020

We met Don twenty years ago, when we gave him a basic drawing of a house. He gave us our dream house. The design and the use of space was perfect for us. We used Chemini Design again a few years later, when we wanted a garage that went with the layout of the house. Don’s designs were great. The garage looks like it was built with the house. Recently, after a fire at my parents house, we went to Don again. Using the existing foundation, he designed a new house for them. Again, he kept their needs in mind, and came up with a perfect house. My parents were thrilled with the new house.

We have found Don Chemini easy to work with. He listened to our ideas and wishes, and was timely with his plans. We would not hesitate to use Chemini Design again.

Dennis and Yvonne Ferreira Holliston

We are very pleased with the design services we received from Don. Our home is about 200 years old and we needed to replace a portion of the structure that was failing. Our project evolved over a number of years as our needs and the scope changed, and Don was supportive and creative during the process, effectively marrying up the old and new portions of the house in a seamless manner. We were able to keep the character of the original house intact while incorporating modern features (kitchen, bath, garage, second floor laundry) that have increased the usability of the total space. The construction drawings he prepared for us were complete and simplified the construction process for our builder. We have received many compliments on the total appearance of the renovation and that it looks like it absolutely belongs there, adding what several people have described as a majestic aspect to the house. We would highly recommend Don for your design needs.

Mark & Lisa

Chemini Design is attentive and imaginative. Don really cares about your home and how you feel in it. We enjoyed the process so much, it wasn't even a question to use Don's creativity for the second phase of our renovation.

Mike & Katie

We worked with Don on the design of our waterfront home in Falmouth in 2014. Throughout the process Don worked closely with my wife, who has excellent overall design sense (she is a professional landscape designer), making various adjustments to accommodate her tastes while offering reasonable guidance on what really works. In the end what we got was a perfect house for the wonderful piece of land we'd purchased on one of Falmouth's saltwater inlets. The work was tricky, too, as Don had to navigate the rules, regulations and 'moods' of the town's Conservation Commission, which governs a lot of construction and design when the home is close to the water, as is ours. We are very happy with our home, and the many guests that have visited and stayed overnight are always highly complimentary of its overall inviting look and wonderful family feel.

Bill Laberis and Janice Welenc East Falmouth, MA


Rodenhiser Architects works to provide the residential architecture experience in New England. Our local architects use the power of technology to design and build your dream home. Through the power of CAD and Revit™ software, our home architects can create beautiful 3D floor plans to visually show you your home and highlight potential challenges before building begins, saving you money.


Over the years, Rodenhiser Architects has worked with business clients to design efficiently and cost-effectively and build commercial properties within the quoted time period. Rodenhiser Architects has a highly qualified team of specialized commercial architects who can complete any job for your budget. We provide a complete commercial architecture experience from initial plans to completion.


Rodenhiser Architects’ team of home addition contractors makes the whole process simple, quick, and cost-efficient. Adding a room to your home shouldn’t take over your entire life and add a mountain of stress. That’s why, from sunroom additions or bathroom additions to master suite additions, Rodenhiser Architects will make your new room add comfort to your entire home.


Rodenhiser Architects aims to push the boundaries of commercial and residential architecture. Copy and paste designs are a thing of the past, and each home or commercial property we build is custom-crafted. Our team of architects and contractors have decades of experience building properties and will work for you to make the entire process as simple as possible.

What sets Rodenhiser Architects apart from other local architects is our use of computer-aided design (CAD) and Revit™ software. Traditional architecture is 2D, but advancements in technology have allowed Rodenhiser Architects to develop 3D floor plans. This process allows you to complete a visual walk-through of your property before a single shovel hits the ground.